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Sandy Diao

Director of Strategic Programs,

Sandy is the Director of Strategic Programs at Indiegogo, where she has helped hundreds of Asia-based entrepreneurs launch their products into western markets and raise millions of dollars through crowdfunding. Asia is now one of Indiegogo’s fastest growing markets. At Indiegogo, she works with technology and design entrepreneurs to overcome business challenges such as marketing, manufacturing, and product development in order to hit their funding goals and deliver their products. Prior to joining, she led the global expansion for a China-based consumer electronics company, where she helped to build the customer support, digital marketing, sales, and operations teams. She started her career as the first member of Pinterest’s business operations team. There, she single-handedly managed thousands of Pinterest’s first advertising clients, and used early learnings to help mold its CPC auction platform from scratch. Sandy has a degree from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

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Indiegogo is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform available in over 220 countries, helping companies to launch their entrepreneurial ideas and sell over $1 billion in ideas and projects. Over 16 million consumers browse Indiegogo monthly to discover new projects. Entrepreneurs on Indiegogo are able to showcase their ideas directly to users, take orders for products early in their lifecycle and ultimately build direct relationships with their first customers. Indiegogo is the platform of choice for Asia-based companies who are looking to take their products to overseas markets, as a tool to validate the market, generate early sales traction, and export a global brand.

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